摘要XMPP开源IM顾客端斯Parker方今公布了2.8.2版,该版本是个单身发表版,首倘诺修补了某些Bug并扩充了LittleLuck界凉粉肤。前言XMPP开源IM客商端斯Parker方今颁发了2.8.2版,该版本是个独立发表版,主倘使修复了一些Bug并扩张了LittleLuck界凉皮肤。斯Parker是二个开源、跨平台IM顾客端(扶助Linux、windows、Mac OS X平台)。它的表征援助集组闲谈,电话集成和强有力安全质量。假若公司中间陈设IM使用Openfire+Spark是一流的整合。官方的评释最先的作品This is a regular update. But there is a change, which can affect new users. "Accept all certificates" option on the Adanced menu on the Login screen won't be enabled by default for new users from now on. This option makes Spark automatically accept expired, self-signed and other incorrect TLS certificates. Which makes it less secure. If you are using self-signed certificates, your new users will have to enable this option manually (onceState of Qatar. Or you can add this option to a preconfigured file, if you distribute it to new users. Old users won't be affected by this (those upgrading straight from 2.7 version will still be affectedState of Qatar. We encourage server admins to use certificates from trusted authorities (e.g. Let's Encrypt卡塔尔. This version also includes 4.1.9 update for Smack, which has a fix for a critical security vulnerability.UPDATE (二零一五/1十分之二9卡塔尔国:it looks like Spark is not saving settings on Advanced menu, if a user has never opened it. For such users "Accept all certificates" setting will be disabled after updating to 2.8.2 from any version. They will have to go to Advanced menu and enable if if they encounter "Unable to verify a certificate" error.Those who are using Client Control plugin will have to update it to version 2.1.0 as Spark2.8.2 is already modified to work with that version and it will miss many menus and checkboxes if being used with an older version of that plugin. 2.1.0 version requires Openfire 4.0.0 at least. If you are using older version of Openfire and want to keep using Client Control, you might want to hold of updating to 斯Parker2.8.2.(官方最初的小说: 版更新内容Bug:[SPARK-1516] - Spark should not let open profile edit by clicking the avatar if profile changing is disabled[SPARK-1520] - Systray icon changes to online when one opens the chat window[SPARK-1593] - Spark shouldn't add Offline status when a user goes invisible[SPARK-1758] - Unfiled group appears when contact goes online[SPARK-1801] - Fix links opening in KDE environment (updated)[SPARK-1816] - Shouldn't freeze when using unsupported plugins[SPARK-1820] - Can't switch back to online presence after turning invisible on[SPARK-1827] - Shouldn't allow broadcast to selected users when it is disabled in Client Control新功能:[SPARK-1802] - Add LittleLuck skin[SPARK-1835] - Modify Spark to work with new Openfire Client Control plugin settings杂项:[SPARK-1732] - Update bundled JRE with the latest version[SPARK-1837] - Update Smack to the latest version (4.1.9)优化:[SPARK-1021] - Default to Name field as nickname when adding a contact[SPARK-1434] - Add Polish Spelling option[SPARK-1789] - Change Accept all certificates option to disabled by default[SPARK-1822] - Add additional default properties to control GUI settings[SPARK-1824] - Update Polish translation[SPARK-1831] - Update Italian translation更加多版本更新记录,请参见:

上面是行使 man yum.conf 命令获取到的关于yum配置的验证:

How to Fix “provision.cpp:71” or “provision.cpp:81” Cydia Impactor Error

Method 1:




A new update for


Impactor has been released with version number 0.9.40.


the new update from

and retry the installation of IPA files.

Method 2: Revoke Certificates

  • Open



  • Click on the Xcode menu and choose Revoke Certificates

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revoke certificates cydia impactor

  • Enter your Apple ID and password

  • Cydia

    Impactor will now revoke your certificate. Once done, try installing the desired IPA file again

Method 3: Use


Package option

  • Open



  • Click on the Device menu and choose



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install package cydia impactor

  • Browse and select the IPA file which you’d like to


Method 4:

Create a new Apple ID

If the above methods do not work, consider creating a new Apple ID account and using that instead. This generates a new signing certificate which may work without issues.

Method 5:

Create a new App-Specific password

If you have two-factor authentication enabled for your Apple ID, then you may already be using an app-specific password for


Impactor. Consider deleting this app-specific password and creating a new one.

  • Go to

  • Scroll down to the Security section and click on the Edit button

  • Delete the existing app-specific password and create a new one

  • Now use the new app-specific password in



These are some of the methods that have successfully worked for many users for fixing the provision.cpp:71 error. If you have used any other method for fixing this error, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to the article.

Apart from this error,


Impactor has been showing other forms of errors such as “plist.hpp:500 assert”. We are looking for a fix for this error and will post it as soon as it’s found. Until then, stay tuned and follow us on




to receive the latest updates.



Cydia Impactor,



yalu jailbreak

yum.conf(5) yum configuration file yum.conf(5)


yum.conf - Configuration file for yum(8).


Yum 使用到的配置文件地方:/etc/yum.conf.
也足以从任何职位找配置文件,比如yum 仓库配置(default is `/etc/yum.repos.d'). See the reposdir option below for further details.