• Ghost sessions left on ...前言Openfire 采用Java开发,开源的实时协作(RTC)服务器基于XMPP(Jabber)协议。Openfire安装和使用都非常简单,并利用Web进行管理。单台服务器可支持上万并发用户。4.0.2版更新内容Bug[OF-829]
  • Ghost sessions left on a server when using Pidgin client[OF-954] - Openfire clustering fails to correctly sync MUC room occupants[OF-1082] - Fix unicode read on BOSH[OF-1083] - Cannot join room in a cluster after an availability update[OF-1087] - Monitoring plugin gives invalid responses[OF-1090] - Outcasts should not be allowed to register with roomImprovement[OF-1086] - Update bundled JRE to 1.8u74[OF-1089] - XEP-0313: send IQ result only after messages[OF-1107] - Add option to not show email in Email on Away plugin官方链接:

摘要前言Openfire 采用Java开发,开源的实时协作(RTC)服务器基于XMPP(Jabber)协议。Openfire安装和使用都非常简单,并利用Web进行管理。单台服务器可支持上万并发用户。4.0.2版更新内容Bug