摘要Openfire宣布4.1.5版,Openfire 选取Java开荒,开源的实时合营(RTC)服务器基于XMPP(Jabber)公约。Openfire安装和平运动用都特别简单,并运用Web实行保管。单台服务器可支撑上万并发客户。前言Openfire基于XMPP(Jabber)协议,采取Java开采,是开源的即时通讯(IM卡塔尔(قطر‎服务器。Openfire安装和选择都非常轻便,并选用Web举行保管,单台服务器可帮忙上万并发用户。Openfire开拓公司代表将百折不屈制作贰个安静的4.1版本二种,解决自 4.1.0 发行版以来在 Openfire 中遭逢的roster group难题等。4.1.5版更新内容Bug[OF-1310] - Can`t delete last item of the pubsub node[OF-1327] - Should not compare incomparable types[OF-1330] - Can't enable database query statistics on the admin console[OF-1332] - Update bundled MySQL driver to fix utf8mb4 databases[OF-1334] - Monitoring Plugin displays "Archive index rebuild failed"[OF-1348] - AuthBased*Provider try to use SortedSet without Comparable items[OF-1355] - UserImportExport plugin: import should not fail when optional config is missingTask[OF-1343] - Update install guide about the automatic service installationImprovement[OF-1277] - Change setting name to Invisible Login and Status[OF-1325] - Implement separate History settings in Client Control[OF-1326] - Allow BOSH context to be re-used.[OF-1338] - Minimum server version restrictions should ignore release status identifier[OF-1341] - Windows Launcher requires to run "as administrator"[OF-1342] - Remove "Run Openfire" from the final step of the installer[OF-1347] - Group settings update[OF-1350] - Be less strict when setting a password on a MUC room[OF-1351] - Parse 'release' number[OF-1352] - Plugin version number should not wrap官方链接:

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Openfire 是实时的依据WEB的即时消息传输平台,是原本的Jive Messenger,Openfire 选取Java开辟,开源的实时合作(RTC)服务器基于XMPP(Jabber)左券。




CentOS 5.4下基于Jabber/XMPP公约的Openfire服务器配置笔记


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Ubuntu 12.04 安装Openfire


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