• Javadoc will not build in Docker[OF-1305] - Openfire doesn't load user names with multi-byte characters from LDAP/AD[OF-1322] - EXTERNAL is always offered for C2S sessionsTask[OF-1319] - Update bundled JRE with the latest versionImprovement[OF-1292] - NPE in Admin Console when cancelling creating a new room[OF-1295] - Add information about windows service into Upgrade Guide[OF-1297] - Add another note about UAC to the documentation[OF-1301] - Don't fail when default value for FQDN cannot be resolved.[OF-1311] - Store a list as a property value.[OF-1312] - Allow SASL mechanisms to be configured through the admin console.[OF-1321] - Prevent stacktrace when using admin console with stale session.[OF-1324] - OutgoingSessionPromise outgoing queue should be limited官方链接:

摘要Openfire发布4.1.4版,Openfire 采用Java开发,开源的实时协作(RTC)服务器基于XMPP(Jabber)协议。Openfire安装和使用都非常简单,并利用Web进行管理。单台服务器可支持上万并发用户。前言Openfire基于XMPP(Jabber)协议,采用Java开发,是开源的即时通讯(IM)服务器。Openfire安装和使用都非常简单,并利用Web进行管理,单台服务器可支持上万并发用户。Openfire开发团队表示将继续努力打造一个稳定的4.1版本系列,解决自 4.1.0 发行版以来在 Openfire 中遇到的roster group问题等。4.1.4版更新内容Bug[OF-119] - Ldap issue (search filter and '@' encoding) [patch][OF-1272] - DBAccess plugin XSS[OF-1273]