Java 7新匍京娱乐场最全网站 的支持已经结束,Openfire安装和使用都非常简单

摘要XMPP开源IM客户端Spark近日发布了2.8.0版,该版本是个主要更新版本,标志着对 Java 7 的支持已经结束,从 2.8.0 起,在线的安装包在 Java 7 下将不能运行,官方建议升级至 Java 8。前言XMPP开源IM客户端Spark近日发布了2.8.0版,该版本是个主要更新版本,标志着对 Java 7 的支持已经结束,从 2.8.0 起,在线的安装包在 Java 7 下将不能运行,官方建议升级至 Java 8。Spark是一个开源、跨平台IM客户端(支持Linux、windows、Mac OS X平台)。它的特性支持集组聊天,电话集成和强大安全性能。如果企业内部部署IM使用Openfire+Spark是最佳的组合。官方的说明原文This is a major release marking the end of support for Java 7 (which has reached the end of life state more than a year ago). Full Spark installers have already been bundled with Java 8 for some time. Online installer won't work with Java 7 starting with 2.8.0 version. We recommend updating to Java 8. Underlying Smack library has been updated to the latest version in this release. Roar plugin has received new popup control options as well.(官方原文: 版更新内容Bug[SPARK-1130] - Spark behaves wrong with chats with similar names[SPARK-1275] - Add contact dialog makes Spark lose connection[SPARK-1564] - Should set priority to 0 when Idle status turns on[SPARK-1613] - Long lines of text without spaces break the word wrap[SPARK-1736] - NPE in Roar plugin prevents messages to show up on fresh profiles[SPARK-1738] - RPM build fails after Smack 4 update[SPARK-1739] - Not trusting Openfire certificate after Smack 4 update[SPARK-1742] - Spark won't start when bookmark service is unavailable.[SPARK-1743] - MUC nickname sharing fails.[SPARK-1744] - Shouldnt send chat state notifications when the chat isn't active yet[SPARK-1745] - Fastpath plugin doesn't start after Smack 4 update[SPARK-1747] - Spark appears to fall back to a non-sasl when authenticating[SPARK-1749] - Not showing the context menu for participants in MUC[SPARK-1750] - Spark is not automatically reconnecting after Smack 4 update[SPARK-1751] - Only a few first messages show up and no other messages come through[SPARK-1752] - File transfer and screenshot sending doesn't work after Smack 4 update[SPARK-1755] - Redundant Roar popups and history entries when receiving messages[SPARK-1756] - Prevent NPE in error handling (Group chat - Smack 4)[SPARK-1761] - Fixing RPM build after Bamboo migration[SPARK-1763] - Can't create new account on a server (Smack 4 issue)[SPARK-1764] - Transcript file is not being closed on exit[SPARK-1766] - File Streams not being closed on a few files[SPARK-1768] - Fix Debian build[SPARK-1772] - Not showing correct room affiliation icons for different roles[SPARK-1773] - Spark does not detect keystrokes when switched away due to idle on mac and linux[SPARK-1776] - Private messages in MUC do not show up (Smack 4)[SPARK-1777] - Presence getting stuck in Away mode sometimes[SPARK-1778] - Spark shouldn't lookup an empty username[SPARK-1779] - No vertical scrollbar in the participants list[SPARK-1783] - ROAR plugin should not assume Opaque is supportedNew Feature[SPARK-1596] - Different settings for group chat Roar popups[SPARK-1599] - Add an option for custom Roar popup based on a keyword[SPARK-1709] - Add Russian dictionary for spellchecker[SPARK-1729] - Add an option to save group chat password[SPARK-1731] - Add Ukrainian translationTask[SPARK-1722] - Update bundled JRE with the latest versionImprovement[SPARK-1559] - Add URL support to server broadcast dialog[SPARK-1567] - Update Smack to the 4th version (4.1.7)[SPARK-1646] - Should switch to Away mode when locking screen on Windows 10[SPARK-1735] - Small group chat user-interface improvements[SPARK-1741] - Replace old code constructs[SPARK-1746] - Update Lithuanian translation[SPARK-1753] - Don't be disconnected when receiving invalid stanzas[SPARK-1754] - Update Italian translation[SPARK-1769] - Update Substance LaF to the latest version[SPARK-1771] - Update Smack to 4.1.8 version[SPARK-1775] - Prevent exceptions from going unnoticed更多版本更新记录,请参见:

摘要基于XMPP协议的老牌开源即时通讯客户端Spark于2016年3月14日发布2.7.6正式版,此版为小幅优化升级版。前言基于XMPP协议的老牌开源即时通讯客户端Spark已于2016年3月14日发布2.7.6正式版,此版本为小幅优化升级版,上个版本2.7.5发布于2015年12月。Spark是一个开源、跨平台IM客户端(支持Linux、windows、Mac OS X平台)。它的特性支持集组聊天,电话集成和强大安全性能。如果企业内部部署IM使用Openfire+Spark是最佳的组合。更新说明Bug[SPARK-1664]

摘要Openfire发布4.2.3版,Openfire 采用Java开发,开源的实时协作(RTC)服务器基于XMPP(Jabber)协议。Openfire安装和使用都非常简单,并利用Web进行管理。单台服务器可支持上万并发用户。前言Openfire基于XMPP(Jabber)协议,采用Java开发,是开源的即时通讯(IM)服务器。Openfire安装和使用都非常简单,并利用Web进行管理,单台服务器可支持上万并发用户。Openfire开发团队表示将继续努力打造一个稳定的4.2版本系列,解决自 4.2.0 发行版以来在 Openfire 中遇到的一些问题等。4.2.3版更新内容Bug[OF-1191] - Client certificate authentication with BOSH not working in Openfire 4.0.x[OF-1283] - SANCertificateIdentityMapping - Unable to parse a byte array (of length 42) as a subjectAltName 'otherName'. It is ignored.[OF-1464] - Can't update plugins via Admin Console[OF-1481] - NPE during bind (connection already null)[OF-1482] - Monitoring plugin: MAM query response for MUC should have a 'from'[OF-1483] - Monitoring plugin: ClassNotFound at startup[OF-1494] - SAN 'xmppAddr' OIDs are not properly encoded in generated certificates.[OF-1502] - CallbackOnOffline plugin is using wrong version number scheme[OF-1505]