摘要基于XMPP协议的老牌开源即时通讯客户端Spark于2016年3月14日发布2.7.6正式版,此版为小幅优化升级版。前言基于XMPP协议的老牌开源即时通讯客户端Spark已于2016年3月14日发布2.7.6正式版,此版本为小幅优化升级版,上个版本2.7.5发布于2015年12月。Spark是一个开源、跨平台IM客户端(支持Linux、windows、Mac OS X平台)。它的特性支持集组聊天,电话集成和强大安全性能。如果企业内部部署IM使用Openfire+Spark是最佳的组合。更新说明Bug[SPARK-1664]

  • Fix and update Lithuanian translation更多版本更新记录,请参见:

摘要XMPP开源IM客户端Spark近日发布了2.8.0版,该版本是个主要更新版本,标志着对 Java 7 的支持已经结束,从 2.8.0 起,在线的安装包在 Java 7 下将不能运行,官方建议升级至 Java 8。前言XMPP开源IM客户端Spark近日发布了2.8.0版,该版本是个主要更新版本,标志着对 Java 7 的支持已经结束,从 2.8.0 起,在线的安装包在 Java 7 下将不能运行,官方建议升级至 Java 8。Spark是一个开源、跨平台IM客户端(支持Linux、windows、Mac OS X平台)。它的特性支持集组聊天,电话集成和强大安全性能。如果企业内部部署IM使用Openfire+Spark是最佳的组合。官方的说明原文This is a major release marking the end of support for Java 7 (which has reached the end of life state more than a year ago). Full Spark installers have already been bundled with Java 8 for some time. Online installer won't work with Java 7 starting with 2.8.0 version. We recommend updating to Java 8. Underlying Smack library has been updated to the latest version in this release. Roar plugin has received new popup control options as well.(官方原文: 版更新内容Bug[SPARK-1130] - Spark behaves wrong with chats with similar names[SPARK-1275] - Add contact dialog makes Spark lose connection[SPARK-1564] - Should set priority to 0 when Idle status turns on[SPARK-1613] - Long lines of text without spaces break the word wrap[SPARK-1736] - NPE in Roar plugin prevents messages to show up on fresh profiles[SPARK-1738] - RPM build fails after Smack 4 update[SPARK-1739] - Not trusting Openfire certificate after Smack 4 update[SPARK-1742] - Spark won't start when bookmark service is unavailable.[SPARK-1743] - MUC nickname sharing fails.[SPARK-1744] - Shouldnt send chat state notifications when the chat isn't active yet[SPARK-1745] - Fastpath plugin doesn't start after Smack 4 update[SPARK-1747] - Spark appears to fall back to a non-sasl when authenticating[SPARK-1749] - Not showing the context menu for participants in MUC[SPARK-1750] - Spark is not automatically reconnecting after Smack 4 update[SPARK-1751] - Only a few first messages show up and no other messages come through[SPARK-1752] - File transfer and screenshot sending doesn't work after Smack 4 update[SPARK-1755] - Redundant Roar popups and history entries when receiving messages[SPARK-1756] - Prevent NPE in error handling (Group chat - Smack 4)[SPARK-1761] - Fixing RPM build after Bamboo migration[SPARK-1763] - Can't create new account on a server (Smack 4 issue)[SPARK-1764] - Transcript file is not being closed on exit[SPARK-1766] - File Streams not being closed on a few files[SPARK-1768] - Fix Debian build[SPARK-1772] - Not showing correct room affiliation icons for different roles[SPARK-1773] - Spark does not detect keystrokes when switched away due to idle on mac and linux[SPARK-1776] - Private messages in MUC do not show up (Smack 4)[SPARK-1777] - Presence getting stuck in Away mode sometimes[SPARK-1778] - Spark shouldn't lookup an empty username[SPARK-1779] - No vertical scrollbar in the participants list[SPARK-1783] - ROAR plugin should not assume Opaque is supportedNew Feature[SPARK-1596] - Different settings for group chat Roar popups[SPARK-1599] - Add an option for custom Roar popup based on a keyword[SPARK-1709] - Add Russian dictionary for spellchecker[SPARK-1729] - Add an option to save group chat password[SPARK-1731] - Add Ukrainian translationTask[SPARK-1722] - Update bundled JRE with the latest versionImprovement[SPARK-1559] - Add URL support to server broadcast dialog[SPARK-1567] - Update Smack to the 4th version (4.1.7)[SPARK-1646] - Should switch to Away mode when locking screen on Windows 10[SPARK-1735] - Small group chat user-interface improvements[SPARK-1741] - Replace old code constructs[SPARK-1746] - Update Lithuanian translation[SPARK-1753] - Don't be disconnected when receiving invalid stanzas[SPARK-1754] - Update Italian translation[SPARK-1769] - Update Substance LaF to the latest version[SPARK-1771] - Update Smack to 4.1.8 version[SPARK-1775] - Prevent exceptions from going unnoticed更多版本更新记录,请参见:

摘要XMPP开源IM客户端Spark近日发布了2.8.2版,该版本是个独立发布版,主要是修复了一些Bug并增加了LittleLuck界面皮肤。前言XMPP开源IM客户端Spark近日发布了2.8.2版,该版本是个独立发布版,主要是修复了一些Bug并增加了LittleLuck界面皮肤。Spark是一个开源、跨平台IM客户端(支持Linux、windows、Mac OS X平台)。它的特性支持集组聊天,电话集成和强大安全性能。如果企业内部部署IM使用Openfire+Spark是最佳的组合。官方的说明原文This is a regular update. But there is a change, which can affect new users. "Accept all certificates" option on the Adanced menu on the Login screen won't be enabled by default for new users from now on. This option makes Spark automatically accept expired, self-signed and other incorrect TLS certificates. Which makes it less secure. If you are using self-signed certificates, your new users will have to enable this option manually (once). Or you can add this option to a preconfigured file, if you distribute it to new users. Old users won't be affected by this (those upgrading straight from 2.7 version will still be affected). We encourage server admins to use certificates from trusted authorities (e.g. Let's Encrypt). This version also includes 4.1.9 update for Smack, which has a fix for a critical security vulnerability.UPDATE (2016/11/29):it looks like Spark is not saving settings on Advanced menu, if a user has never opened it. For such users "Accept all certificates" setting will be disabled after updating to 2.8.2 from any version. They will have to go to Advanced menu and enable if if they encounter "Unable to verify a certificate" error.Those who are using Client Control plugin will have to update it to version 2.1.0 as Spark 2.8.2 is already modified to work with that version and it will miss many menus and checkboxes if being used with an older version of that plugin. 2.1.0 version requires Openfire 4.0.0 at least. If you are using older version of Openfire and want to keep using Client Control, you might want to hold of updating to Spark 2.8.2.(官方原文: 版更新内容Bug:[SPARK-1516] - Spark should not let open profile edit by clicking the avatar if profile changing is disabled[SPARK-1520] - Systray icon changes to online when one opens the chat window[SPARK-1593] - Spark shouldn't add Offline status when a user goes invisible[SPARK-1758] - Unfiled group appears when contact goes online[SPARK-1801] - Fix links opening in KDE environment (updated)[SPARK-1816] - Shouldn't freeze when using unsupported plugins[SPARK-1820] - Can't switch back to online presence after turning invisible on[SPARK-1827] - Shouldn't allow broadcast to selected users when it is disabled in Client Control新功能:[SPARK-1802] - Add LittleLuck skin[SPARK-1835] - Modify Spark to work with new Openfire Client Control plugin settings杂项:[SPARK-1732] - Update bundled JRE with the latest version[SPARK-1837] - Update Smack to the latest version (4.1.9)优化:[SPARK-1021] - Default to Name field as nickname when adding a contact[SPARK-1434] - Add Polish Spelling option[SPARK-1789] - Change Accept all certificates option to disabled by default[SPARK-1822] - Add additional default properties to control GUI settings[SPARK-1824] - Update Polish translation[SPARK-1831] - Update Italian translation更多版本更新记录,请参见:

摘要XMPP开源IM客户端Spark在2017新年初发布了2.8.3版,该版本是个次要更新版,修复了bug并新增了若干新特性。前言XMPP开源IM客户端Spark在2017新年初发布了2.8.3版,该版本是个次要更新版,修复了bug并新增了若干新特性。Spark是一个开源、跨平台IM客户端(支持Linux、windows、Mac OS X平台)。它的特性支持集组聊天,电话集成和强大安全性能。如果企业内部部署IM使用Openfire+Spark是最佳的组合。官方的说明原文The Ignite Realtime community has just released Spark 2.8.3 and it can be downloaded from theIgnite Realtime: DownloadsThis is a regular update. A few issues have been fixed. Bundled Java updated to the latest version. There is a new menu to view history of sent broadcasts and an option to login anonymously.For a complete list of changes please check theSpark ChangelogWe encourage developers to get involved with Spark project by providing feedback and patches in the forums or submitting pull requests toGitHub - igniterealtime/Spark: Cross-platform real-time collaboration client optimized for business and organizations.Here is the list of contributors to this release (besides myself):Michael - fixed Advanced settings not being saved without opening that menu, always on top issue and changed behavior when Auto Login is hiddenAlexander198961 (Aleksander Kovtunenko) · GitHub - added a feature to save broadcasts history and access it via a new menu optionJerry - added support for anonymous loginGuus der Kinderen - fixed issue when joining a room with a duplicate nickname and improved build time by removing unneeded code style checksDaryl Herzmann - helped to clean up the code further (removing legacy CVS keywords)speedy - fixed issues with password not being deleted when it should and added log file rotating by sizeAtalanttore (Ettore Atalan) · GitHub - updated German translation(官方原文: 版更新内容Bug[SPARK-1844] - Not saving settings without opening Advanced menu once[SPARK-1848] - Setting "Chat Window Always on Top" also enables "Main Window Always on Top" behavior[SPARK-1853] - NPE when not setting an avatar[SPARK-1854] - Joining a MUC with a duplicate nickname results in strange behavior.[SPARK-1855] - ContactList should not pop up when logging off[SPARK-1858] - Password not removed from when "Save Password" option is disabled[SPARK-1863] - Resets initially empty values in Advanced menu when logging outNew Feature[SPARK-1825] - Add an option to see a history of broadcasts[SPARK-1852] - Add anonymous SASL login supportTask[SPARK-1821] - Update bundled JRE with the latest version[SPARK-1856] - Remove unused static analyzers[SPARK-1857] - Remove legacy CVS keywords[SPARK-1862] - Remove obsolete information from Readme and update linksImprovement[SPARK-1847] - Remove Log out menu when Auto Login and Save Password are disabled[SPARK-1849] - Make logs rotate based on size or time[SPARK-1850] - Shouldn't save password when SSO is being used[SPARK-1860] - Implement group chat duplicate name deconfliction similar to 2.7.7[SPARK-1864] - Add translations to MUC dialogs[SPARK-1867]该版本也是Spark工程重新启动1周年纪念版,前言XMPP开源IM客户端Spark近日发布了2新匍京a奥门.8.0版。 - Update German translation更多版本更新记录,请参见: